How to increase the website speed?

Posted by Mritunjay Chaurasia

This is the point that often slips the radar of companies. They put so much effort into creating the perfect career page but then don't update it. This makes the page feel out of touch with current events and stale.

94% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if they see that the employer is actively managing their brand.

It's important to keep your career page updated at all times. Candidates will be visiting it regularly to know about the status of jobs and their applications. Add and remove openings as soon as there is an update on them.

This has the dual benefit of not letting confusion emerge regarding any job or its status as well as keeping the page appear fresh and up to date. Do the same with the pictures, videos, posts, and testimonials you include on the page.

The core idea, as you can see from all our career page examples, is to get people interested in your company, whether they're active or passive job seekers.

The most important aspect to remember when it comes to crafting stellar career pages is to keep them simple and structured. It is easy to go with the flow and include too much in a bid to convince prospective clients.

Make the application process as short as possible. Candidates don't want to spend time filling in information that can already be found on their resume, and nor do they want to take tests without being informed in advance.

Simplify the application process by including the option to add the resume and experience letters along with one or two relevant questions. If pre-employment assessment tests need to be added, inform the applicant in advance. This way, the candidate will be prepared and spare the time for a lengthier process.

Having said that, a shorter process invites many irrelevant applicants. This is why you should always include at least one to two relevant questions in the application process to weed out non-serious candidates.

But what truly makes you stand out is a well-structured page that has something unique to say and show to a visitor. Ideally, you need to focus on highlighting two specific aspects in equal parts: your job postings and your company culture.

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